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for reflections on those times and how the u.s. has changed for everyone. on the road again. after delivering an address at the mlk memorial, president obama heads to some key states to push his jobs bill. >>> on the gop trail, more 999 talk. build a big long fence, lots of cash and almost no cash. an eventful day for some of these republican candidates. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." it's 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. we begin with a new era on the national mall. the dedication to martin luther king, jr. is the first time a nonpresident has been celebrated with a monument on the mall, making this also the first monument to a black leader. president obama will deliver a speech at the dedication ceremony just after 11 a.m. eastern time. it's been under way for two hours. members of king's family are reflecting on the symbolism on this day. >> this is a day that all americans can be proud of and may i remind you that this is not just a celebration for african-americans, but for americans and citizens around this world. >> i'm joined now by mike viqueira who is at the mall.
me us. good morning. how did they get tricked? >> they're thinking they were lured there. they're saying the nypd lured them to this area. the protesters have been camping out the past two weeks at this park a few blocks from wall street. yesterday, their numbers swelled during that march across the brooklyn bridge. they were supposed to stay on the pedestrian path but spilled over on to the rote and closed off traffic as mentioned. nypd arrested some 700 protesters criticizing police for using excessive force yesterday and several incidents over the past two weeks. >> it was civil disobedience. it's still disobedience. but we were being peaceful. we weren't doing anything bad. they weren't only arresting young kids either. they were arresting elderly woman and a 13-year-old girl. >> we realize that the marches stopped, the -- we couldn't leave. if we left, we tried to turn around and go back, that's when they would arrest you. >> the protesters are expected to be back out today. they've been speaking out about big government, about how they feel that there's social inequality
but it also killed asiri. another terrorist killed in this strike, samir khan. they both were u.s. citizens. their death is feeding the power to order the death of two u.s. innocence without granting a trial. but the united states is convinced that it is on legal footing. >> it's a very serious issue but ultimately when an individual, regardless of whether their an american citizen or not, taking up arms and is actively plotting terrorist attacks against the west, then it becomes an issue of defense. awlaki was plotting in yemen against the united states. >> it's still unclear what their deaths mean for the future of al qaeda in yemen but the group's ability to speak english language speakers in the west has taken a hit. a possible terrorists may want to avenge awlaki's death. >> thank you so much, michelle. >>> reaction is mixed from the killing of awlaki, governor rick perry had thanks and praise for president obama as well as for the military. this is how he began his speech in atlanta yesterday. >> i want to take a moment and congratulate the united states military and the intelligence
in the southern arabian province during the heavy fighting with the al qaeda militants. the school was used as a shelter by soldiers of the 19th brigade. >>> developing this morning, fallout from the killing of u.s. born terrorist anwar al awlaki. the state department is issue ewing a new alert for all americans traveling overbroad. there's an increased violence against u.s. citizens. he was killed in yemen friday in a drone attack. andrea mitchell is joining me from washington. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: the state department issued the -- because his followers will respond by retaliating against americans both here in the united states and traveling abroad. the state department warning caused the american born yemeni, the preeminent advocate of violence. his importance was he inspired lone wolf terrorists here and adept at understanding american targets because of his familiarity with the united states. intelligence officials warn that his death does not mean that al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, his organization is no longer a threat to the u.s. eliminating one person, even som
luciano is joining us. >> reporter: good morning. >> do you see more people coming there this morning? >> there is. there is more people showing up around the country. it started three weeks ago with a small group of young protesters and now, as you can see, it's probably turning into a national movement. the demonstrations have lasted so long and expanded so widely that even with the funny outfits, they are hard to ignore. occupy wall street, a protest against economic and social inequality has spawned marches in 45 states. in just the last 24 hours, protests from houston to washington, d.c. hundreds took over a los angeles intersection. 4,000 marched in portland and in tampa, they embarked on the banking district. and those protesters, not always who you would expect. >> we used to have $100,000 a year salary job. >> reporter: he lost his job and it brought him to manhattan. >> it's our job to let them know that the system is in need of repair. >> reporter: occupy wall street is drawing historical comparisons. >> the first stage of any movement is a lot of people showing how unhappy
, mitt romney called for unity from social conservatives. the task before us is to focus on the conservative believes and the values that unite us. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> that agenda was in full view friday at the value voters summit in washington when texas pastor robert jefrs introduced him. >> he's a conservative and genuine follower of jesus christ. then jeffers made his views on romney clear. >> it's always been considered a cult by the mainstream of christianity. >> perry says he -- some prominent conservatives condemn the pastor. >> do not give voice to bigotry. you did rick perry no good sir in what you had to say. >> later appearing on ms nbc, he was not backing down. >> we ought to be able to say yes i believe a christian in office is better than a nonchristian. >> with romney on top of the polls, many saw this controversy coming. >> i want to thank him for not playing the mormon card. i know it's there and i know it's tempting. >> i'm going to do it soon, real soon. you just wait. >> romney isn't the only candidate who had his fai
out there. american troops will be packing their bags and returning to the u.s. by the end of this year, effectively ending the war in iraq. president obama made the official announcement yesterday. >> here at home, the coming months will be another season of homecomings. across america our servicemen and women will be reunited with their families. today i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> well, the president made that decision after speaking with iraq's prime minister. more than 39,000 american troops will be departing iraq after more than eight years of fighting. >>> well, less than an hour after the president's announcement to withdrawal all troops from iraq, he started taking shots from the gop field. mitt romney said the full withdrawal puts at risk the progress america's made so far. he released a statement saying the unavoidable question is whether this decision is the result of a naked political calculation or simply sheer ineptitude in negotiations with the iraqi government. and you know it's political when the president's
said this yesterday. >> his job because of the federal regular layings that washington has put on us. he resigned his job two weeks ago because he can't go out and campaign for his father because of fcc regulations. my son lost his job because of this administration. >> is she helping or hurting the campaign? >> overall i think she's helping the campaign. she's been very, very honest, as you often see spouses do on the campaign trail. we saw bill clinton back in 2008 be more honest about where things were than the principle herself. sometimes the spouses take these campaigns a whole lot more personally. and they are also very honest. on this particular situation with her son, he's a financial adviser and according to security exchange commission rules, financial advisers can't serve on campaigns. that might not get a lot of sympathy for americans because he doesn't necessarily have to be on the campaign. he could keep his job and certainly be the son of a sitting texas governor. he's not in a situation that a lot of other people are but overall she's been a positive for the campaign
directed at u.s. troops. and 7 billion and counting, if we can count that high, the world's population growing. is it reaching a tipping point, though? we'll take a look at some staggering statistics for you. a new approach, might the president's push to bypass congress score him points with key voting blocs in the country? could it help the economy as well? >>> october surprise. snowstorm hitting the northeast. up to a foot of snow in parts. but where? >>> good morning, welcome to "weekends with alex witt." breaking news. to afghanistan, we're getting world that as many as ten have been killed in a attack on kabul. we have the report from kabul. what's the latest, several attacks to talk about. >> reporter: good morning, richard. yeah, at least three attacks throughout different parts of the country. the biggest occurring here in the capital of kabul, as you mentioned, at least ten americans killed, according to a senior u.s. official. when a car bomb struck a nato convoy. and the western part of the city. in a place called darlamon road. a press release saying at least 13 nato servic
a mind. the task before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite us. let no agenda narrow us or drive us apart. >> krar rooe, another good morning. you heard him discussing religion in a broadway. how was it received at the summit? >> well, it was sort of interesting because there was a lot of subtley going on and mitt romney's comments that we just heard, about poisonous language, that references a speaker that came after mitt romney, not to pastor jeffress that we heard speaking about mormonism. ryan fincher, respected by the american family association, who in the past has made comments similar to those about mormons and also about gay americans as well as islam is a violent state. mitt romney was talking about that. earlier in his remarks, directly took on jeffress and he's a radio host and political commentator who took on jeffress for what he called -- he hit it out of the park. those words were key to reporters because yesterday those were the same words that rick perry used, hitting it out of the park, in describing robert jeffress who later on cal
>>> good morning, everyone, i'm al alex witt. did the u.s. cross the line in targeting americans even if they are terrorists? >>> never before released video of casey anthony. what role they play in her trial and why they are important now. >>> a new ad for michele bachmann tackling the immigration issues and tries to take down one of the top contenders. >>> rachel maddow, the focus of this week's office politic and she talks about the president's approach to job problem in u.s. >>> welcome to "weekends with alex witt." we'll bring you up to speed in new developments in the targeted killing in yemen. u.s. says the drone attack that killed al awacky also killed the number one bomb maker, who tried to make the underwear bomb. also blamed for that scare last year over bombs being sent to the u.s. in printer ink cartridges. al awacky may have been the target but he wasn't the only american killed. samir khan lived in north carolina before heading to yemen. he edited english language website called inspire. a propaganda magazine. >> al awlaki combined two things, he was an operational
thought but it also may be controversial. did the u.s. cross the line in targeting americans, even if they are terrorists. >>> never before released videos of casey anthony. why are they important now? >>> the clinton candidacy. it's been 20 years since he announced his run for the oval office. we'll talk about how it relates to today's politics. >>> rachel maddow on who might still reenter the gop field. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." two al qaeda leaders were american citizens and awlaki was the target and the drones made a direct hit. he was killed along with samir khan who won an english language website. also killed was ibrahim ibrahim al asiri. >> i think it's interesting that ibrahim al asiri was killed along with these two. he was the mass officer boum making responsible for coming up with ideas like the cargo bomb plot and i think operationally, if that's true, that's very, very significant and it's a major blow to their military capabilities, as well as their ability to recruit and spread propaganda. >> so what now for the jihadist message here in the west? >> well
told david gregory the other day, absolutely the republican party is strong enough to beat us, meaning president obama and myself, vice president biden, but the question is, will the republicans be able to win the independent voters? that's been the question all along and certainly a lot of turmoil starting off. something mitt romney as you pointed out has had to address in the past. suspicion on the part of evangelicals that help make up the basis of the republican party. apparently he's going to have to explain it again. >> yeah. >> how about the president's jobs plan, mike? where does that stand now? >> reporter: well, in limbo, of course. the senate is taking it up this week. house leaders, led by republicans, have said they don't like the all or nothing approach. unlikely to see the light of day. the spread hitting hard on that. he's asked an interesting question in that press conference he on thursday. whether or not he was campaigning or negotiating with republicans. the president said, look, i'll run like 1948 and harry truman against a do nothing congress, but all republicans
for us on this sunday. ron, thank you. >>> the snowstorm slowly moving out of new england today, the weather channel's jeff morrow has details on that. jeff, good morning to you. >> good morning, craig. and indeed, a very heavy, slushy wet snow, as you just heard. these are some of the snowfall tallies from 9 in scranton. look at that out in western massachusetts. over 2 feet at plainfield. 27.8. the major cities, incoming new york, which got about 3. boston didn't see that much, philly didn't see that much. but boy, you head not that far away in the suburbs and you got into the whole mess. fortunately, the last of that snow is about ready to leave maine. so we'll be drying out in the northeast today, but as you just heard, it will be windy and chilly. sunshine for most of the rest of the east. a little bit of snow, not rain. a beautiful day across the southern plains and a little rain in the pacific northwest. the hottest weather feels like summer in the southwest. 91 here in phoenix, 73 in los angeles. so if you're tired of the snow already in the northeast, you can always jet
's jubilation. there is now chilling news out of kenya where u.s. officials warn a terrorist attack may be imminent. u.s. officials in nairobi say it's credible information but not specifying what's behind it. potential targets are sites occupied by foreigners, including malls and nightclubs. this warning comes a week after kenyan troops hit militants in somalia. >>> america's complete withdrawal from iraq comes as good news to families of those deployed. questions are being raised what it means for the long-term security for the country. the greatest fears are that tribal instability will spark a civil war. today on meet the press, secretary of state hillary clinton placed the burden of the blame for the worries on the bush administration. >> is there not a legitimate prospect of civil war which many people fear? >> well, honestly, i think that they should have raised those issues when president bush agreed to the agreement to withdraw troops by the end of this year. now, are the iraqis all going to get along with each other for the foreseeable future? let's find out. we know there wil
and pushing for president obama's jobs plan. joining us live on the phone, good morning, reverend sharpton. how is it going this morning? >> it's going well. e buses and trains on the way in and we expect to have a large crowd. we want to put front and center that in the middle of this beltway discussion, people's job, we must have a sense of urgency that people right now can't pay their mortgages, can't pay their rent. we have 14 million people unemployed. so as we prepare this weekend to remember dr. king, we cannot put him as a memory without putting what he stood for alive and front and center in our times and that is jobs and justice. we call for $25 billion and we are going to continue this. >> and this job is to start marching again. to whom do you hope that this makes sense and the most impact? who are you talking to today? >> the congress. we are putting pressure on the congress. we will strategically say to them that they must run on jobs by voting now for a jobs bill. we can't have this aimless movement. we think that the old climate that has been set by the occupation wall stre
in the plan to kill a dip lomat in the u.s. >>> mission to the bottom. world. the story of ailing american scientist in an arcsh antarctic race to save her. meanwhile, welcome to "weekends with alex witt." 9 a.m. on the east, 6 a.m. out west. we begin with a major program from president obama's landmark health care plan which would have provided long-term health care insurance. it's been scrapped. the community assistance living program would have been voluntary and provided long-term care paid for by premiums and not needed tax dollars. this program was a long-standing priority of the late senator ted kennedy. eliminating c.e ining it is thee they've given occupy a portion of the health care law. mark hall principperin. >> let's remember why there is a health care law. this country has a lot of unmet health care need. long-term care is one of them. the program going away doesn't mean people don't have this need. something has to be done by governors or federal government. politically it's a huge vulnerability for the administration. this is a stand-alone plan. had its own financing. but t
the campaigning on a bill that won't pass. can't get it out of the senate right now. rather than working with us on ideas. >> i'm joined by nbc white house correspondent mike viqueira, good sunday morning to you. the president always calling himself the uniter. now ryan saying he's not going to compromise. >> reporter: no question that after labor day we've entered a new phase in washington. if you thought politics was bad, divisive, you thought there was gridlock before, it's likely to only increase. there are some possibilities down the road. we'll talk about those a little bit later. the president put his jobs bill out there. the senate is going to take him up. paul ryan may not be correct about one thing. the senate is going to take up this bill next week. they made alterations in the way it's paid for, most note by by the 5% surtax on income over a million dollars. it's not likely to go in the house. the battle lines have been drawn. you can call it making the rich pay their fair share. the battle lines are firming. rahm emanuel. david gregory went to chicago today. his other gig was the ch
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)